60 - And 500 - Year Cycles
[ The End Of An Era ]

In Leviticus 25:10, reference is made to Fifty-Year Jubilees, where all debts were forgiven every fifty years. There were certain rules surrounding this and the people always prospered as long as they followed those rules given. Break the rules, and ruin, famine, disease, wars, and disaster began to make its appearance. When the rules were followed, peace and harmony reined supreme.

These economic cycles, according to history, have always been with us. There is no precise, scientific reason for these economic downturns. But history is exact in the 500 year cycle, and mostly so in the 60-year cycle.  We'll illustrate shortly.

There is a force, supernatural it appears, if we are to heed the words of the Holy Writ, that no one can explain, except cursorily, the reason for the 60 year cycle--but, still no absolute, concrete, scientific reason can be given for the 500 year cycle.The latter cycles are most precise. They last around 500 years and no one knows why they occur, nor why this time segment!.

What History Discloses:

The 500 - Year Cycles

The 60 - Year Cycles

Since the middle of the 16 century, there have been nine depressions, generally occurring about every 60 years. According to the Kondratieff Wave, and other forcasters, we are overdue for a Total Collapse of our financial market place by about 6 or 7 years..

However, it appears, because of the bigger cycle now relatively coinciding with the 60 - year cycle, the bigger force is now controlling the smaller force meshing it into itself. If this be so, this will lead to a worst state than ever before predicted.

The only reason that can be somewhat given and understood for the 60 - year cycle is that historical cycles repeat thenselves. This has been shown to be a given. However, one explanation that has been advanced for this type of cycle is as follows:

When a depression ends, those who lived through its horrendous time become very careful in their buying and spending habits--they become conservative.

Lenders of various institutions make very carefull loans that are considered totally safe with no-risk associated with it.

Investors place their money in only "sure-bets."

However, as more and more people from the depression era die off, less and less is remembered about the hard times associated with this time in a country's history. And, more and more of the people who are now investing, making loans, buying, and selling have little or no memory of the past---they now, 30 or 40 years later, throw caution and conservatism in their habits of buying, spending, and loaning, to the wind.

They feel they are missing opporturnities to make huge profits and take all sorts of risk. Lenders do the same and create new accounting methods. Manufacturers create "just-in-time" manufacturing. Real Inventories are a thing of the past. The society develops an attitude of "easy credit" is okay.

This new generation takes control of the economy involving lending institutions, government, corporations and other institutions, throwing caution to the wind, applying newly created banking, governmental, and financial laws to its society.

By now, only a few are living who remember the last great crash in their society and are they are not the "movers and shakers" now. It is those who feel the "good times" will go on forever. They have no recollection of tight money, nor when there was no money. As long as this new generation can remember, the good times just kept rolling along--the equities market (stocks and bonds) and real estate have soared.

In 1954, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finally reached the level that it had reached in the boom yeas of the 1920s. Therefore, things and instruments, and institutions were manipulated and the rise to prosperty spiriled straight up. When a crash or "correction" occurred, a new thing had been created by various world governments: "They're too big to let fail."

And hence, the big bail out of bad investments, bad timing, bad strageties, and corrupted institutions began world-wide. Instead of letting these entities individually go out of business, government step in and bailed them out.

Remember Chrysler? Then came the banks that were allowed to grow to behemoths that they "were too big to collapse." Recall Continental Illinois bank. It cost you and me, taxpayers, billions. If that was what the banks could do in banking and accounting, then what was good for them was also good for the Savings and Loans Associations--they were next. They had become "too big to allow to fail."

And if all this was not good enough, then recall the famous, now infamous Brady Bonds. Without this new twist, many of America's biggest banks would be no more today! The banks made bad loans, etc., and were losing billions; the infamous Brady Bonds saved their bacon.

When the average citizen makes a bad investment, no one pulls his "chestnuts" out of the fire for him. He has to suffer the loses and become more conservative in his dealings next time. This is not the case now with big business and investment houses. They just get pulled out of the fire; we pay for it; they spend more foolishly and make more unsound business deals/investments.

Now, Here's the Rub:

Everything is in place for the next great depression:

  • Easy Money/Easy Credit.
  • New banking procedures.
  • New accounting procedures.
  • Bad Loans.
  • Cheap Money.
  • Ridiculous and foolish loans and investments of this "up" generation.


    The investment craze has even hit the religious. The Daughters of Charity, an order of nuns of the Holy Roman Catholic Church of Saint Vincent de Paul, of Paris, France, headquartered in Boston, has now considered it the better of business acumen to shut down 1/5 of its its chairty hospitals. Instead, it increased its portfolio investments to two-billion dollars.  When the Total Collapse comes, so will their investment.
  • The Credit Cycle with its easy money policy began its unwinding in 1987, has created an all time bankruptcy high.

What Does The Downturn Signal for the end of the 60 - Year Cycle.?

History has shown repeatedly that all 60 - year downturns are followed by a period of depression (mental, physical, and financial); war; vast upheaval in societal and personal living standards, and technology changes of mind-boggling magnitude.

Futhermore, history shows at the end of this cycle you can expect:

  • A crisis of extreme magnitude in credit.

  • Property values (real estate) will collapse totally and for a long time.

  • There will be extreme social unrest and distress leading to urbane violence:

    1. City services: disruption of garbage collection, trash and sewage disposal, layoffs of city workers, little or no police force and fire service, and others.

    2. This will generate gangs followed by home and business (those that are still hanging on) breakins.

    3. Bankruptcies will accelerate to such an extent that the city dies and millions will be forced to leave it for survival. These problems will be world-wide.
      Right now, 1998, bankruptcy rate is the highest it has ever been in America's history. Yet, we are told that things in America, especially economic wise, are better than ever. Then why are bankruptcies so high?
      The Answer:
      One would think that bankruptcies would shrink in an expanding economy; and ballon in the hardtimes of depressions or recessions. History demonstrates, that during a recession or depression, the rate at which a society files for bankruptcy falls. This is counter to good logic, but it happens because during economic good times, lenders of money institutions are ready to lend more money to borrowers who are bad risk!
      America's bankruptcy record of today reflects this. Our lenders are, in effect, saying that we are in a good solid economy. Their actions--making risky loans to borrowers--underpinds the idea of a solid economy, not a bad one. But this actions underminds the strength of America's economy and sets the stage for the worst time in history for Americans who have never been through a depression. We are now living on false hopes and faith.
    4. A new dark ages could be ushered in for decades; or, totalitarian control may go into effect in some of the more fortunate areas that are still heavily armed to fight the mauraders.

  • The down turn will literally wreck the large and small independent businessman.

  • All 60 - year downturn cycles cause high unemployment, and this will lead to more crime.

  • There will be a major change in the policies and politics of a country. The consequences will be dire.

The Modern Age began fifty or sixty years after the 1500s; the age we are now living in. It was brought in first with Gutenberg, who gave us the modern printing press. This in turn allowed Martin Luther to start the Reformation with his "95 Theses." The Modern Age continued by witnessing da Vinci, Columbus, and the Chinese invention of gunpowder.

But The Point Is This:

The people living in era after the 1500s began, did not know they were now living in a new era. They just knew things were happening and different. This is the same thing that happened in 1930--they did not know a Great Depression was occurring! There were up swings during this time in the stock market early in the crash. They just knew something was bad that was not good and it would soon be over. But it wasn'; it took the second world war to revive the economy.
It took someone else to tell them what they had just been through when it was over! They did not know what was occurring to them while it was in the process. Only...only, after it was over did they fully understand and see the consequences of what happened to them and the consequences of their folly--easy credit, lack of conservative business practices, inventive, creative accounting procedures, and more.
The same thing is happening today. We are on the edge of a Total Shutdown of our society as we know it. It may last for years, or even decades. We are picnicking on "the banks of Hell!"

And...We Are Now At The End Of Both Cycles

In her new book, The 2nd Great Depression, Dr. Frieda Rastelle, a noted Bible scholar, economist, and author, writes:

"America is on the verge of a devasting economic collapse far worse than that of the Great Depression of 1929!"
"Millions of people with jobs that seem secure and savings that seem protected will find themselves--overnight--freezing on the streets and starving like dogs."
"The coming crisis will strike early in 1998. It will virtually grab the national economy by the throat and squeeze the very life out of it." [Webmaster's Note: her time table was off, but still on track. For a more accurate time table, see:  The Three Tidal Waves ... and then The Final One, at the Menu of this Web Site].
"The people who feel the most secure--the ones with lucrative jobs, health insurance, 401(k)s, and retirement plans--will be hit the hardest because they'll be the least able to adapt."

The well-known Bible scholar says economic Armageddon predicted for 1998 is supported by the Holy Writ, the Old and New Testaments. It has been shown that the Great Depression of 1929 was predicted also by the Holy Bible. She further points out that the Dead Sea Scrolls supports the forcast for an world-wide, unprecedent economic crises.

Dr. Rastelle continues with...

"Only weeks after the banks and other financial institutions close, money itself will be without value."
"Millions will die, unable to buy anything--even those with money in their pockets."

She is referring to 'paper money.' This is why you should invest NOW, while there is still time, in a food storage program, and Gold and Silver. We suggest you call Ellen Petty at Investment Rarities, Inc., for the "Yellow and Silver" stuff.  Go to my "Gold" page under MENU for amounts suggested.  Call Ellen Petty at 1-800-328-1860.  Tell her Charles Brocato & Kathryn King sent you.

In the 1920s the Weimar Republic in Germany was under easy credit and great debt. Just like it now is in America. When the Weimar Republic crashed, you couldn't even buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow loaded full of Deutchemarks. People actually starved to death, "even those still employed."

One Fräulein went to purchase a loaf of bread with a baby stroller filled with Deutchemarks. She took half the money in the store for the hopeful purchase, leaving the carriage outside. Upon coming out with no bread, she discovered that someone had stolen the carriage, leaving the other half of money on the ground.

We--the world, are on the brink of the greatest disaster of all time. We may be thrown back into the dark ages almost overnight. However, many, who prepared, will survive in GREAT shape and end up wealthy. Wealth is always made during bad times too--for those who prepared! But first, get prayed up, or nothing will work for you.

Note: See our "Gold" page and elsewhere on this Site for newsletters that can help you prepare. Subscribe to them, there is still time. Ask them to rush you what to do now for your portfolios.

At Fàtima, 1917, God's Mother appeared from May 13th to October 13th. She said, in one of the messages pertaining to the latter part of the 20th. Century, "This will be the end of time as you know it."

"...there will be calamities, there will be disasters, wars, disease, and famine. It is due to sin."

"... it can't be stopped.  It has gone too far. It can be mitigated only through prayer, penance, and sacrifice."

In 1961 through 1965, She appeared again, in Garabandal, Spain. This time she said,
"We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But, first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up and, if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us."                                 Message of October 18, 1961

On June 18, 1965, this message was delivered by the archangel Saint Michael in Virgin Mary's Name. It reads
As my message of October 18, 1961 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one.

Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over.

Many cardinals, many bishops and many priest are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask him forgiveness with sincere hearts, he will pardon you.

I, your Mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the archangel, ask you to amend your lives.

You are now receiving the last warnings.

I love you very much and do not want your condemnation.

Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your request.  You should make more sacrifices.  Think about the passion of Jesus.

In Aikita, Japan (1973 -1981), the Holy Mother spoke again.  This time she warned a "great Chastisement is hanging over mankind.  It will be worst than the deluge."

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